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PLEASE NOTE: Due to the current Coronavirus restrictions and social distancing requirements, deliveries may be delayed by 7-10 days.

Delivery Information

Please read all the delivery information correctly. All the conditions stated below must be met. Failure could lead to the order being cancelled.

  1. We can only ship our products to Mainland UK (Zone A). Please consider this before attempting to place an order to avoid disappointment. Please view the delivery map on this page.
  2. Prior to you receiving your order, the delivery driver(s) will contact you by telephone to confirm that your details are correct and to agree on a suitable delivery date. All dates quoted for either delivery or contact are only approximate. We will not accept any liability for any delay in delivery for any reason.
  3. Deliveries are made Monday to Friday between 8 am and 6 pm. Unfortunately, we can’t provide a specific time during the day for your delivery.
  4. It is very important that you are available to check and sign for your delivery. This is unless we have written confirmation that you are happy for the goods to be left without a signature. We accept no responsibility for any goods left without a signature.
  5. Due to differences in product size and weight, the duration between order and delivery date will vary between products. As stated in the product descriptions, our products will either take 7, 14 or 28 days to deliver. Please review the product information in detail to avoid disappointment.
  6. When delivering your product, the driver(s) will not move the product around or through your property. Please ensure that you can move the product into your property without the assistance of the delivery driver(s).
  7. Please be aware the products will be unloaded at the nearest point to the delivery address adjacent to the roadway and clear of any obstacle.

If you are purchasing a garden structure, e.g. cabins, summerhouses, gazebos etc, the following applies to you:

There are strict rules for deliveries of these kinds of products. This is to ensure that the delivery can be made. This is due to the size of the standard delivery vehicle (25ft / 7.5 Tonne Lorry). It must be able to get in, and out of your property without any obstructions.

The following rules need to be met:

    1. Can fit at least 2 lorry widths (needs to be able to fit a 25ft lorry)
    2. The lorry is able to park at least six metres within your property
    3. No cars parked on both sides of your street/road which may prevent lorry access

If you do not meet this criteria, please be aware your order won't be able to be delivered

It is very important that you read and understood the above conditions for delivery. If the manufacturer is unable to deliver due to the above criteria not being met, they reserve the right to either:

  • Charge for storage and redelivery once the reason for the failed delivery has been rectified.
  • Resell the goods at market value and charge the original buyer any expenses incurred. Should the item resell below the market value, any shortfall will be recharge to the original buyer.
Delivery Map